Doctor’s Fees

Initial Assessment

60 MINUTES $420

Partial Medicare rebate applies.
The first appointment with your doctor.

First Follow-Up

45 MINUTES $320 

Partial Medicare rebate applies.
The second appointment with your doctor.

Subsequent Follow-Up

30 MINUTES $200

Partial Medicare rebate applies.
The third appointment with your doctor and all appointments after that.

Phone Consult


No Medicare rebate applies.
Available via audio call, Skype or Zoom video conferencing.

Repeat Scripts


No Medicare rebate applies.
Doctor's have a legal obligation regarding repeat prescriptions and referrals; usually new referrals and scripts cannot be issued without a consultation.


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If your banking details are registered with Medicare they will put the rebate directly into your bank account. Allow up to 48 hours. Otherwise you can take your receipt to Medicare and claim the rebate from them (or use the app).


Appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment may incur a $50 cancellation fee.