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 Unlock Your Health and Vitality

Our doctors use a holistic, personalised, nutrition-first-drugs-last, Functional Medicine approach. Functional Medicine is an evidence-based blending of established and emerging medical techniques that looks beyond the surface to find the root cause of health problems. Through a holistic, scientific approach our doctors consider how different influences from your genes, environment, immune system, hormones, diet, and lifestyle all interact to affect your health.

Personalised treatments restore your well being

Functional Medicine recognises that optimal health-care and recovery is not one-size-fits-all. Your treatment will be personalised and patient-centered; tailored to you. One disease can have several causes, and one cause can present as several different diseases. Every medical issue is preceded by disturbances in functionality, some of which may have been present for a long time. We can't change your genetics but we can help you change your epigenic expression (how your genes actually affect you). We aim to find out why illness has occurred in each unique case, and target our treatments to the root cause in order to heal and rejuvinate the body.

We also work with healthy patients to maximise their vitality and prevent diseases later in life.