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At other doctor’s clinics you may feel hurried and unheard - this is not our way.
It takes time to understand what is underlying chronic issues; a ten minute appointment simply doesn’t cut it.
At Evergreen Doctors time is something we are pleased to dedicate to our patients.

Initial Comprehensive Assessment (60 minutes)
The first appointment with your doctor. We take a deep dive into your entire health journey from the womb until today. We also discuss your health goals and challenges, and any Functional Medicine approaches that we feel would be beneficial. This enables your doctor to begin formulating a comprehensive, personalised wellness plan, and decide with you if any Functional Medicine tests would be helpful to clarify things. We seek to uncover the Why behind the Why of symptoms and diseases, so we can target and fix the root cause, and improve your health. Our long term goal is then to help you achieve optimal health, and true wellness in all areas.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your first appointment so that we can collect your details and have your chart ready. Email (or complete and bring with you) your New Patient paperwork as well as any health summaries, specialist letters, or test results that may be helpful. Whilst relaxing in the patient lounge you can ask our friendly reception team for a complimentary filtered water, organic coffee, or organic tea.

First Follow Up (45 minutes) This is the second appointment with your doctor and usually occurs 1 month after the initial appointment. Together we discuss test results and how you’ve progressed on any treatments or protocols you were started on during your first appointment. This appointment is focused on creating a longer term and more detailed wellness plan in light of your results and response to treatment to date. We cover all areas of health and lifestyle including stress, sleep, exercise, cognition, digestion, hormonal balance, detoxification, mitochondrial optimisation and more. We also use protocols and targeted nutraceuticals to improve upstream causes of disease states to restore wellness. Many chronic conditions take years to develop, so generally expect your treatment to take 12 months, with the first 3 months being more intense in terms of dietary and lifestyle changes or nutraceuticals. Generally speaking, most patients notice a positive improvement in their health after a few weeks, though since we usually don’t use medications, our approach can take a little longer, so it’s important to stick to the plan for atleast 3 months.

Further Follow Ups (30 minutes) Depending on your unique health journey, the third appointment is usually 3 months later (sometimes 6 months), and involves tweaking your treatment, troubleshooting any challenges and optimising your wellness, in all ways. After this most patients see us every 3-6 months, though some only yearly. Certain treatments like hormone balancing need monitoring and adjusting, and as new studies are released we can usually do even more to enhance your vitality, so it’s good to check in with your doctor on a regular basis.

Telehealth Consults are also available (Via audio call, Skype or Zoom video conference)

Limited out of hours and Saturday appointments are available by request, please discuss with reception

IV Therapy appointments can be booked directly, please discuss with our reception team