Our Comprehensive Approach

We seek to addresses the root cause of your symptoms and optimise your well being through a holistic, personalised approach. We use all the mainstream medical tests and medications, but go further by following the latest studies and integrative protocols. Wellness is a journey, with ups and downs, so it’s important to make sure you’re travelling in the right direction.

When was the last time you were vibrant and felt really healthy?

Together we will create a customized plan to find out what’s wrong, fix it, and give your body what it needs. If your health is currently great, we can work together to make sure nothing is hiding under the surface and keep you in the best possible shape through our in depth Preventative Health consult. Many diseases like heart disease can be silent until it’s too late, why not come in and see us for the most thorough health assessment you've ever had?

This is the kind of medical practice you’ve been searching for!

You invest in other areas of your life with time energy and resources, it’s time you did the same for your health! Your car needs maintenance to be at its best in the long run, so too does your body. Give yourself a complete wellness overhaul. Your body and mind have probably been running at reduced capacity due to the quality of your sleep, stress, toxins, lack of key nutrients and chronic inflammation. You may have been putting up with symptoms for so long you've forgotten what it feels like to be truly energised and well.

We see patients with all medical issues of all ages.

We use scientifically proven programs for halting and reversing cognitive decline (Alzheimer’s and brain fog), Reversing Type 2 diabetes (most patients get off all their medication), losing weight and keeping it off (without surgery, exercise, medication or counting calories), and improving mood issues (did you know 90% of your body's serotonin is made in your gut?) We also treat other complex issues like heart disease, autoimmune disease, and chronic pain using a holistic approach.

Some of our intense programs involve weekly Health Coaching sessions, dietitians, exercise physiologists and daily check-ins with a doctor, via our powerful app and web platform.

 See you soon!