Peak Performance Tune up

Sometimes things are going great and you don’t know how to make them even better. The research into peak performance and optimal health is exploding as more people realise there is a huge amount that can be done to boost vitality.

To know what it all means can be challenging, let alone customising it all to your unique set of genetics and life situation. Thankfully, at Evergreen Doctors, this is what we do every day for our patients. We take a holistic view and aim to optimise all areas of your health.

We utilise the latest Functional Medicine tests, including some that are only normally available to patients in America. This gives us deep and broad insight into your hormones, methylation and cellular pathways. A standard “check-up” at a GP is usually a basic panel of bloods, a blood pressure and some generic advice to “eat better” and “exercise more”.

We instead spend an hour (sometimes 2) with you at your Initial Consult, and discuss your entire health journey, as toxic exposures and experiences in the past, sometimes years ago, can be relevant to the present. We also think about your methylation status, your hormones, and the unique pressures you’re under. Together we then create a comprehensive plan of action to keep you at your best, and help lift your mind and body to an even great level of health and vitality.

Find Your Perfect Balance

Highly driven people such as yourself are good at pushing on through sheer determination so you may not realise you’ve actually been running on half steam. It’s only when a chronic pain or background fatigue or brain fog has lifted, that you realise how much sharper you can be.

Even if you simply want to increase your endurance, tweak your weight, keep your skin looking youthful, increase libido or confidence, we can help. (Did you know that men lose about 1% of their Testosterone a year from age 30? This can have profound impacts. Or that if you correctly balance Estrogen and Progesterone periods or menopause can be made much better?)

We also take the long term view, to help you prevent burnout, prevent disease, and maximise your health for the years ahead.

At Evergreen Doctors we believe in a nutrition first, drugs last approach, but all areas of medicine are at our disposal. We don’t follow the “pill for every ill” but we also aren’t blinded by the “supplement for every symptom” idea that many people follow these days. Instead we think of health in systems, consider epigenetics and deep cellular and mitochondrial pathways. At each step in these systems there are key limiting co factors that must be optimised. We aim to minimise your medication and targeted supplements and wherever possible we work to actively reverse diseases. In addition we are well across all the latest studies on BioFeedback and can recommend various new devices to reduce stress and boost resilience. Optimising your diet based on your preferences, lifestyle and genetics, improving sleep and mental health are also all part of our comprehensive 12 month plan.

Book in today for a consultation, and together we will boost your performance and maximise your wellbeing.