Health Optimisation

Restore Your Vitality

Do you feel more run down or tired than you used to? Less mentally sharp? Not as energised or enthusiastic about life as you once did? Lower libido or general vitality?

Through our holistic health optimisation we can restore your wellness, prevent disease, and revitalise your functional health - improving your overall quality of life.

True vitality reflects an absence of disease and is about balance amongst all physiological systems. 
This is the basis our individualised assessment and treatment protocols at Evergreen Doctors.

Many studies have shown the importance of lifestyle factors in maximising health and vitality and in preventing disease. This is a main focus of functional, comprehensive, personalised patient care.

Some people require a regime for weight control and others may need something tailored more to the prevention of specific health issues, such as dementia, immune problems, mental health worries or other risk factors. For example, those for osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease.

Another extremely important aspect to maintenance of vitality is of course, exercise. This needs to be a mixture of weight bearing and aerobic activity.

Smoking, alcohol and drug use may also need to be addressed.

We work with you on each area of health to maximise your wellbeing and maintain vitality.

We combine these lifestyle interventions with comprehensive tests to determine inflammatory issues, infection, gut health (including oral and dental health), hormonal balance and insulin resistance. We also place huge importance on sleep quality and duration. Oxidative stress plays a major role in health and can be raised by physical or emotional stressors - this alone can undermine someone’s health, but can be addressed.

If you would like to discuss your personal experience and have a tailor-made solution for your health optimisation, book in at Evergreen Doctors today.