Weight Loss

Do you feel hungry all the time? Do you look at a cracker and put on weight? Has your weight gone up and down over the years, and it’s getting harder to lose it? Do you crave sweet things? You’re not alone. Projections suggest that in Australia by 2025, 83% of men and 75% of women aged 20 years or older, will be overweight or obese[1]. In other countries like India and America, it’s far worse. It’s not just adults that are struggling with their weight these days, children are increasingly obese as well. This has become so common that many doctors no longer recognise when a child is overweight.

Unfortunately you’ve been told the wrong thing about weight and that’s why you’ve been unsuccessful in losing weight and keeping it off. Being told to “eat less and exercise more” is a massive over simplification and in fact misses the point entirely. To lose weight through exercise you’d have to run a marathon most days of the week. To eat less sounds simple yet when you’re hungry all the time, or you already hardly eat anything what else are you meant to do?


There is now clear evidence that obesity can be prevented or reversed, even when you’ve had it for years. Sustainable long term weight loss without feeling hungry, is possible.

This means you’ll lose weight and keep it off, your blood sugar will consistently be in the normal range, and you can reduce or get off all medications entirely. Importantly, you will no longer feel hungry all the time.

At Evergreen Doctors we do this without surgery, medication, supplements, fake food like shakes or bars, counting calories or exercise. It works if you are a meat eater, vegan, coeliac, gluten intolerant or only eat Halal products.

(If you’re really certain you want to try the new medications to assist with weight loss we may add them into your custom program, though for most patients we don’t use them, and don’t recommend them).

There are hundreds of causes of obesity such as hormonal, genetics, and obesogenic chemicals such as BPA and other endocrine disrupters. The common pathway however is the same, and so is the solution.

Obesity, NASH (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease), diabetes and Cardiovascular risk factors also improve dramatically using our approach. This means long term issues like blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, weight, being hungry all the time, sleep apnoea and inflammation in your liver, all improve. This has a profoundly positive impact on your overall health and vitality. Countless studies have shown a simple 5% drop in weight makes a major difference on numerous health measures and reduces the risk of many diseases [2].

Imagine if you could lose weight and keep it off, reduce your joint pain, increase your energy, and feel better than you have in years!

Our step by step process makes it possible.
This is not a fad diet but a new lifestyle.
It integrates the latest research in Chrono-Nutrition, nutrigenomics, detoxification, gut microbiome, Functional Medicine, personalised nutrition, metabolic medicine, circadian rythmns, genetics and mindset mastery.

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[1] Nourish Not Neglect: Putting health on our nation’s table", Dieticians Association of Australia [Link]

[2] F Magkos, G Fraterrigo, J Yoshino, C Luecking, K Kirbach, et al, Cell Metabolism Volume 23, Issue 4, 12 April 2016, Pages 591-601, 'Effects of Moderate and Subsequent Progressive Weight Loss on Metabolic Function and Adipose Tissue Biology in Humans with Obesity' [Link]